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Herb was a Yellow Lab and Shar-Pei mix and my first dog I adopted from our Milwaukee shelter.  Although he died from Cancer I loved this dog with all my heart from the day I brought him home to the end of his short life.  Herb was only 7 months when I brought him home and was the life of the house.  While the house was being remodeled and a complete mess we still managed to have fun playing with his green stuffed monkey and discovered that Herb LOVED oranges!  I would buy both of us oranges and toss one down the hall and he would grab it, puncture it with his teeth, lick the juice from it and eventually eat the inside.  I so loved this dog and think of him and wonder what it would have been like to actually have had a life with him.  Our time was short but we lived life without a care in the world.  Loved you Herb. 

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